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IVA is an abbreviation for "Intelligent Video Applications". When we were founded in 1992, there was no such thing as an embedded computer/video acquisition system. IVA's first product offering was a PC motherboard with integrated frame grabber, which has evolved into today's single-board camera with embedded processor.


IVA specializes in delivering high performance plug and play digital cameras and computing devices for biometric, medical, and machine vision applications. We design and manufacture all cameras, illuminators, and computing devices in the USA and offer both standard products and custom solutions.
IVA has designed, and manufactures an automated drugs-of-abuse test system for a major employment testing company. The device performs an automated analysis on a urine sample by using a digital camera to take pictures of specially prepared reactive test strips. The computer built into the camera analyzes the pictures and reports the results, indicating whether the subject has recently taken any of the drugs tested for. IVA's president, Mr. David Birkner received a patent as a coinventor of this device, and the device is in widespread use employment related drug testing.
Other high volume applications are in the field of biometrics identification. IVA was a pioneer providing devices for iris scanning and created the first commercial hardware to acquire the images and perform the computations required. The technology took many years to become accepted, but was widely used by the US armed forces in Afghanistan and Iraq for security. Many thousands of such devices were delivered to the DOD, and though the final IVA-designed assemblies were built by a contract manufacturer, IVA continued to supply some of the key subassemblies. These portable hand-held devices incorporated not only iris recognition, but also facial recognition and fingerprint matching.

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